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Hintchain’s Progress & Goals

Hintchain | 06.24| 711

[Hintcahin Market]

Food industry globally amounts up to 7.2 trillion in 2019 and it is expected to grow up to 7.7 trillion by 2020. Food industry in Asia especially, is one of the fastest growing market out of many. It is expected to grow to be 3 trillion by 2020.

  • Reference: British research & consulting corporation Global Data

[Hintchain’s Goal]

Hintchain allows customers to mange their taste in food through food profile built upon Hint ID which contains personal identification and health information, Hint IQ which translates personal preference into numerical value, and behavioural and review data. Based on these three factors, Hintchain revolutionizes food industry into becoming customer based ecosystem by connecting customers and corporates.

Since 2014, VitalHint, which could be seen as Hintchain prototype, has systematically built food metadata and has offered independent platform to various suppliers. Currently, based on Hintchain, Vitalhint is developing business protocol that is specialized for food industry.

[Hintchain’s Possibility]

“HaemukNamyeo” is food data corporation which owns food data technology and metadata compiled in Korea since 2014.

Hintchain teams involves blockchain engineers and advisors from Samsung electronics and Kakao data.

Domestic partners involve Kakao Klaytn, GS Retail, Mirae Asset Capital, KT, Chinese partners involve QuarkChain, BlockCloud, North American partners, Will O’ Brien and more.

[Progress and Plans on Hintchain]

Hintmembership has been establish and now customers can pay in Hint, 1 Hint is equivalent to 100 Korean won, at Restaurant ‘Oh Se-deuk’ and ‘Choidat’. More membership partners are planned to be revealed in the future and the expansion is planned to grow national-wide.

Hintchain is the only food life initial partner of Kakao Klaytn, actual-use based blockchain platform. It is the core partner in on boarding.

Kakao Klaytn mainnet will launch on 27th of June and soon after Klaytn KRC based “HaemukNamyeo” will launch. Through these two projects Kakao, “HaemukNamyeo”, and partner corporate’s users will get to start using Hintchain.

We have secured the possibility of being able to be used in every wallet form by acquiring Bitberry wallet and multi signature wallet technology. Soon users can carry Hintchain on cellphones, whenever and wherever.

Mobility of Hintchain allows it to be used online and offline. This shows that market is embracing Hintchain.

Hintchain is now settling in Korea and is expanding towards Asia and spreading more Globally. Data infrastructure centered toward Hintchain is now beginning to set out.

We are planning to release the new version of “HaemukNamyeo” and to expand Hintmembership.

  1. By doing so we plan on leading commercialization of blockchain through becoming a lead partner who fulfills mass adoption with Klaytn online and offline. We plan to become a project that presents happiness to customers through the medium of food.
  2. Through Hintchain project, we plan on revolutionizing restaurant industry into customer based industry and grow altogether with our partners.
  3. We are in preparation of getting into major partnerships. Details will be shared in the future.

Our investors have been with us since 2018. We will do our best and work hard in making 2019’s goals come true.

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