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Blockcloud X OKEX Meet-up

Hintchain | 06.24| 690

Hintchain is Participating in Blockcloud X OKEX Meet-up as Partner

Hintchain has achieved partnership with China’s Top Project, Blokcloud.

On 26th June, Hintchain will participate in Blockcloud X OKEX meet-up as the official partner.

Blockcloud is a major project that plans to revolutionize internet generation through blockchain.

The price of the project has risen more then 20 times at the recent OKEX by getting investments from investors from all over the world. This trusted project aims to expand globally through its partnership with Hintchain.

Based on the partnership, Hintchain plans to list itself on major Chinese exchange markets as well as expanding to Chinese food brands and platforms.

Blockcloud:Blockchain-based Advanced TCP/IP,Blockcloud Whitepaper | Advanced TCP/IP

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