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HireVibes Tokenomics and Ut...

HireVibes Tokenomics and Utility Updates — Part 2Chinese translation includedAligning incentives among multiple stakeholders, is a balancing act.HireVibes is a universal Jobs & Referrals platform nearing take-off that will cater to an array of stakeholder needs; in a variety of different ways. The unique incentive system that HireVibes is being built upon, needs to be balanced fairly and intuitively in order to unleash its inherent virality potential.On HireVibes, people will refer job’s and candidates to other people. Sharing is built into the system.With such opportunity at hand, in the same way that people today need to be conscious of the health and state of the planet that we’re handing over to our children, within the HireVibes ecosystem; we need to be cognisant of how the system will work for all future token holders — not just the current token holders.The HireVibes rewards model has been tweaked and refined with feedback from multiple sources to find the right balance for all of its stakeholders, which include; hirers, working professionals, referrers, charitable projects, and of course; the existing HireVibes community.1. HireVibes Reward model update — Hirers can set referral reward between 6% — 12%Hirers will be able to post job openings on HireVibes for free, and set their own referral reward level: (Min 6% — Max 12%)If a hire is made, a fee (in HVT or Fiat currency) will be due based on the reward level set.a) If the minimum 6% reward level is set by the hirer, in the event of a successful hire; this will be distributed by HireVibes Reward Smart Contract as follows:3.5% HVT reward to the successful candidate, to be paid in 3 installments (this reward will be split equally with a referrer if one was involved!)1.5% to HireVibes DAC EOS account for the community to vote on, burn etc1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities listed on HireVibes of the successful candidates’ choiceb) If a Hirer sets the reward at 12% for example, it shall be distributed as:9.5% HVT reward to the successful candidate (this is split equally with referrer if one was involved)1.5% to HireVibes DAC EOS account for the community to vote on, burn etc1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates’ choice2. HVT Utility Update — Use HVT to get a 5% Price ReductionHirers that select to pay for using HireVibes in the native utility token (HVT) will earn a 5% price reduction.a) If a hirer selects to hire using the minimum referral reward level of 6% and pay this reward directly to HireVibes Reward Smart Contract in HVT; this fee will be reduced to 5.7% — representing a 5% reduction in price. This will be distributed as:3.5% to the successful candidate (this is split equally with referrer if one was involved)1.2% to HV DAC’s EOS account for community the to vote on, burn etc1% to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates choiceb) If a Hirer sets the reward at 12% for example and pays in HVT, the 5% reduction will be applied, and shall be distributed as:9.5% to the successful candidate (which will be split equally with referrer if one was involved)1% to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates choice0.9% for HV DAC’s EOS account account (to vote on, burn etc)Calculation workings:a) 5% reduction on the min 6% = (6/100 x 5 = 0.3)(3.5% + 1.2% + 1% = 5.7%)b) 5% reduction on the max 12% = (12/100 x 5 = 0.6)(9.5% + 0.9% + 1% = 11.4%)ConclusionThe best metric for measuring virality in a digital product is called the Viral Coefficient. David Skok, a VC quoted in Lean Analytics defined it as:‘’the number of new customers that each existing customer is able to convert’’Tokenised (decentralised) applications offer another layer of viral opportunity that digital products aren’t used to having. What was before clearly separated by role and title, token holders in these new economies simultaneously become ‘the customers’, ‘the employees’ and ‘the owners’ of the network. The token being used as the glue for connecting everything together.Today HireVibes consists of 205,768 token holders across the world. (Source https://eosflare.io/token/hirevibeshvt/HVT)So perhaps the metric for measuring the Viral Coefficient of decentralised products should be: the number of new token holders, that each existing token holder is able to convert.Happy East-er everyone!HVT 通证经济 + 工具型代币更新(二)在多个利益相关者之间协调激励措施是一种关于平衡的艺术。HireVibes是一个即将爆发的通用的就业和职位推荐平台,将以各种不同的方式满足一系列利益相关者的需求。HireVibes正在构建的独特激励系统需要公平和直观地进行平衡,以释放其固有的病毒式发展的潜力。在HireVibes系统,人们会将工作和候选人转介绍给其他人。分享转介是内置于系统中的功能。有了这样的机会,为了更好的规划HireVibes未来的生态系统发展,我们需要认识到系统将如何适用于所有未来的HVT代币持有者 — 而不仅仅是当前的代币持有者。HireVibes奖励模型正在根据各方的积极反馈进行调整和改进,以便为所有利益相关者找到合适的平衡点,其中包括:雇主、专业人士、推荐人、慈善项目以及现有的HireVibes社区。1)HireVibes奖励模型更新 — — 雇主可以设置6%-12%的推荐奖励雇主可以免费在HireVibes上发布招聘广告,并设置相应的推荐奖励等级:(最低6% — 最高12%)如果成功雇用,则根据设定的奖励等级收取费用(HVT或法币)。a) 在成功雇用的情况下,如果雇主设定了最低6%的奖励等级,将由HireVibes智能合约分配奖励如下:3.5%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人将,分三期支付(如果有推荐人,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1.5%的HVT转到HireVibes DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)1% 转到奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构b) 如果雇主将奖励设定为12%,则应按以下方式分配:9.5%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人将,分三期支付(如果有推荐人,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1.5%的HVT转到HireVibes DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)1% 转到奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构2) HVT工具型代币更新 — — 使用HVT获得5%的价格折扣选择使用HireVibes原生工具代币HVT来付费的雇主将获得5%的价格折扣。a) 如果雇主选择使用最低推荐奖励等级6%进行招聘,并直接使用HVT来HireVibes奖励智能合约支付此奖励;这笔费用将降至5.7% — 价格降低了5%。将分配为:3.5%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人(如果有推荐人,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1.2%的HVT转到HireVibes DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)1% 转到奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构b) 如果雇主将奖励设置为12%,例如以HVT支付,有5%的折扣,并按以下方式分配::9.5%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人(如果有推荐人,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构0.9% 转到HV DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)计算方法:a)最低6%,减少5%=(6/100 x 5 = 0.3)(3.5%+ 1.2% + 1%= 5.7%)b)最高12%,减少5%=(12/100 x 5 = 0.6)(9.5%+ 0.9% + 1%= 11.4%)结论测量数字产品中病毒性的最佳指标称为病毒系数。精益分析中引用的VC David Skok将其定义为:‘’每个现有客户能够带来的新客户数量’’通证(去中心化)应用程序提供了另一层病毒发展机会,这是现有数字产品还不曾拥有的。区块链技术通过让雇主 、雇员、客户持有同样的代币并朝着同一个目标来发挥协同效应,这就是通证经济的力量。当前,HireVibes由全球205,768个代币持有者。(来源 https://eosflare.io/token/hirevibeshvt/HVT)因此,也许度量去中心化产品的病毒系数的标准应该是:每个现有代币持有者能够带来的新代币持有者的数量。大家复活节快乐!


19. 04. 19

HVT Tokenomics & Utility Up...

(Chinese and Korean Translations included)As we get closer to the launch of HireVibes, both hirers and community members are sharing valuable insights that are shaping how HireVibes will operate as a next generation hiring platform.For this, we are both very grateful and excited to see a global community use a product for a key business process that they’ve had an integral part in designing themselves.1. HireVibes Reward Model UpdateTo significantly empower the customers that will pay to use HireVibes (employers), the reward model is being pivoted slightly. This pivot will enable a larger number of hirers to use HireVibes to solve their hiring needs by being able to set a reward level that suits their budgets. The update is as follows:Hirers can post job ads on HireVibes for free, and set their own referral reward level: (Min 5.5% — Max 10%)If a hire is made, a fee (in HVT or Fiat currency) will be due based on the reward level seta) If the minimum 5.5% reward level is set by the hirer, in the event of a successful hire; this will be distributed by HireVibes Reward Smart Contract as follows:3.5% HVT reward to the successful candidate, to be paid in 3 installments (this reward will be split equally with a referrer if one was involved)1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities listed on HireVibes of the successful candidates’ choice1% HVT reward to HireVibes DAC EOS Account for community votingb) If a Hirer sets the reward at 10% for example, it shall be distributed as:8% HVT reward to the successful candidate (this is split equally with referrer if one was involved)1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates’ choice1% to HireVibes DAC EOS account for community votingA lower price level for Hires (compared to the original 7.5%) means a larger number of Hirers and open jobs will be attracted to HireVibes Dapp.2) 1% to HireVibes DAC EOS account for community votingUp until recently, it was planned that part of each hiring reward would be shared with the HireVibes community via a portion going to HireVibes DAC Account, and a portion allocated to a daily payout fund to be shared among staked HVT holders.However to reconfirm the utility status of the HVT token, this split is also being updated whereby 1% (of the rate / salary of each role) per successful hire will be allocated to the HireVibes DAC EOS Account.Here, HireVibes DAC can vote to burn these HVT tokens — which will act as a deflationary mechanism and gradually reduce the supply of HVT overtime. A limit will be put in place allowing a maximum of 50% of the HVT supply to be burned (175 million HVT).Instead of burning all these tokens, the community of staked HVT holders (HireVibes DAC) may vote to burn 75% of the HVT in this account, and use 25% for charitable projects or bounties, for example.Voting will take place quarterly to decide how the community wishes to use these tokens.3) New Utility for HVTWe will be consistently adding more utility to the HVT token as the project matures. Currently the utilities of HVT include:a) Access to HireVibes DAC voting portal (example: Where HVT spending/burning proposals can be voted on)b) Incentivising and rewarding users for applying directly and referring candidates to job openings listed on HireVibesThe new utility being introduced to the HVT when the system goes live, which is already very common among other utility tokens in this space like Binance Coin etc, is:c) A reduction to the feeThat’s right, for Hirers that make a successful hire on HireVibes, if they choose to pay the referral reward in HVT; they will get a reduction. This means, if a Hirer selects to hire using the minimum referral reward level of (5.5%) and pay this reward directly to HireVibes Reward Smart Contract in HVT; this fee will be reduced to 5% — representing a 9.09% reduction from 5.5%.This will be distributed as:3.5% HVT reward to the successful candidate (this is split equally with referrer if one was involved)1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates choice0.5% HVT reward to HV DAC’s EOS account (to vote on, burn etc)If a Hirer sets the reward at 10% for example and pays in HVT, a 9.09% reduction will be applied, and shall be distributed as:8% HVT reward to the successful candidate (which will be split equally with referrer if one was involved)1% HVT reward to a charity or multiple charities of the successful candidates choice0.091% to HV DAC’s EOS Account account (to vote on, burn etc)For hirers that wish to pay the referral reward in fiat currency like USD, EUR, Yuan etc — like how they currently pay for recruitment services, we’re working on a secure solution for this, which will be announced very soon.As always we’d love to hear your feedback on thoughts on these updates.Thanks for stopping by. More news coming soon!HVT 通证经济 + 实用型代币更新随着HireVibes即将推出,雇主及社区成员都在积极贡献有价值的见解,这些见解正在推动HireVibes成为下一代招聘平台。为此,我们非常感激和兴奋地看到一个全球社区将产品用于关键业务流程,而他们在设计自身方面发挥了不可或缺的作用。HireVibes奖励模型更新为了更显著的赋能使用HireVibes的客户(雇主),我们略微调整了奖励模型。这将促使更多的雇主能够通过设置适合其预算的奖励等级来使用HireVibes来解决他们的招聘需求。更新如下:雇主可以免费在HireVibes上发布招聘广告,并设置相应的推荐奖励等级:(最低 5.5% — 最高10%)如果成功雇用,则根据设定的奖励等级收取费用(HVT或法币)在成功雇用的情况下,如果雇主设定了最低5.5%的奖励等级,将由HireVibes智能合约分配奖励如下:应聘成功的候选人将获得3.5%的HVT奖励,分三期支付(如果有推荐人的话,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构1% 转到HireVibes DAC EOS账户进行社区投票b) 如果雇主将奖励设定为10%,则应按以下方式分配:应聘成功的候选人获得8%的HVT奖励(如果有推荐人的话,这个奖励将与推荐人平分)1%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构1% 转到HireVibes DAC EOS账户进行社区投票2) 1%转到HireVibes DAC EOS帐户进行社区投票直到最近,计划每个招聘奖励的一部分将通过HireVibes DAC账户与HireVibes社区共享,并且分配给每日支付基金的一部分将在参与抵押的HVT持有者之间共享。但是,为了再次确认HVT属于实用型代币,这部分也正在更新,其中每个成功雇用人的1%(费用/工资)将分配给HireVibes DAC EOS帐户。在这里,HireVibes DAC可以投票来销毁这些HVT代币 — 这将作为一种通缩机制,并逐渐减少HVT代币的流通量。将实施限制,允许最多销毁HVT 50%的供应量(1.25亿HVT)。作为另一种方案,如果不全部销毁这些代币的话,抵押HVT的社区HireVibes DAC)可以投票在该帐户中销毁75%的HVT,另外25%用于慈善项目或奖励。投票将按季度进行,以决定社区希望如何使用这些代币。3) HVT:实用型代币随着项目的成熟,我们将不断为HVT代币添加更多实用性。目前HVT的实用性包括:a) 访问HireVibes DAC投票门户(例如:可以投票的HVT支出/销毁提案)b) 激励和奖励用户直接申请和推荐候选人到HireVibes上的职位空缺系统上线时引入HVT的新实用性,在币安币等已经很常见的的实用型代币使用方式,是:c) 减少费用对于那些在HireVibes上成功雇用的雇主来说,如果他们选择使用HVT来支付推荐奖励; 他们将会获得手续费折扣。这意味着,如果雇主选择使用最低推荐奖励等级(5.5%)进行招聘,并直接使用HVT来HireVibes奖励智能合约支付此奖励;这笔费用将降至5% — 比5.5%减少9.09%。将分配为:应聘成功的候选人获得3.5%(如果参与其中,则与推荐人平分)1%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构0.5%到HV DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)如果雇主将奖励设置为10%,例如以HVT支付,则将减少9.09%,并按以下方式分配::应聘成功的候选人获得8%(如果参与其中,则与推荐人平分)1%的HVT奖励给应聘成功的候选人选择的一个或多个HireVibes慈善机构0.091% 转到HV DAC EOS账户进行社区投票(销毁)对于那些希望以美元、欧元或人民币等法定货币支付推荐奖励的雇主 — 就像他们目前如何支付招聘服务一样,我们正在为此制定一个安全的解决方案,该解决方案将很快公布。一如既往,我们很乐意听取您对这些更新的反馈意见。谢谢您的阅读。我们即将推出更多新闻。HVT 토큰이코노미 + 유틸리티 업데이트하이어 바이브즈의 출시가 가까워짐에 따라, 하이어 바이브즈가 차세대 채용 플랫폼으로 어떻게 운영 될지에 대한 통찰력을 공유하는 고용인들과 커뮤니티 구성원들이 있습니다. 이를 위해 우리는 글로벌 커뮤니티가 자신을 디자인 하는데 필수적인 역할을 한 핵심 비즈니스 프로세스를 위해 제품을 사용하는 것을 보게 되어 매우 기쁩니다.하이어바이브즈 보상 모델 업데이트하이어 바이브즈를 사용하는 고객의 역량을 크게 강화하하기 위해 보상 모델이 약간 수정하고 있습니다. 더 많은 고용주들이 하이어 바이브즈를 사용하여 자신의 예산에 맞는 보상 수준을 설정할 수 있게 함으로써 그들의 고용 요구를 해결할 수 있게 할 것입니다. 업데이트는 다음과 같습니다 :고용주는 무료로 하이어 바이브즈에 직업 광고를 게시하고 자신의 추천 보상 수준을 설정할 수 있습니다 (최소 5.5 % — 최대 10 %).고용이 이루어지면 (HVT 또는 명목 화폐로) 수수료가 설정된 보상 수준에 따라 지불됩니다최소 5.5 %의 보상 수준이 고용인에 의해 설정되고 성공적인 고용의 경우 이것은 하이어 바이브즈 보상 스마트 컨트랙트에 의해 다음과 같이 배포 될 것입니다 :채용된 지원자에게 3.5% HVT 보상, 3 회 분할 지급 (이 보상은 추천자가 있는 경우 동등하게 분할됩니다!)하이어 바이브즈에 나열 된 자선 단체 또는 여러 자선 단체에 1% HVT 보상1% 하이어 바이브즈 DAC EOS 계정 1 % 커뮤니티 투표최소 10%의 보상 수준이 고용인에 의해 설정되고 성공적인 고용의 경우 이것은 하이어 바이브즈 보상 스마트 컨트랙트에 의해 다음과 같이 배포 될 것입니다 :채용된 지원자에게 8% HVT 보상(이 보상은 추천자가 있는 경우 동등하게 분할됩니다!)하이어 바이브즈에 나열 된 자선 단체 또는 여러 자선 단체에 1% HVT 보상하이어 바이브즈 DAC EOS 계정 1% 커뮤니티 투표2) 하이어 바이브즈 DAC EOS 계정 1 % 커뮤니티 투표 1%최근까지, 각 고용 보상의 일부는 하이어 바이브즈 DAC 계정으로 가는 부분을 통해 하이어 바이브즈 커뮤니티와 공유 할 계획이었고, 일일 지급 기금에 할당된 부분은 스테이킹 된 HVT 보유자들 간에 공유할 계획이었습니다.그러나 HVT 토큰의 유틸리티 상태를 재확인하기 위해, 이 분할은 또한 업데이트되고 있으며, 여기서 성공적인 고용당 1%(각 역할의 비율/급여)가 하이어 바이브즈 DAC EOS 계정에 할당 됩니다.하이어 바이브즈 DAC는 이러한 HVT 토큰을 소각시키기 위해 투표 할 수 있습니다.이 토큰은 디플레이션 메커니즘으로 작용하여 점진적으로 HVT 공급을 줄입니다. HVT 공급량의 최대 50 %가 소각 될 수있는 한도가 정해집니다 (1억 2500만 HVT).이러한 모든 토큰을 소각하는 대신, 스테이킹 HVT 홀더들(HireVibes DAC)의 커뮤니티는 예를 들어 이 계정에서 HVT의 75%를 태우기 위해 투표하고 나머지는 자선 프로젝트나 바운티에 25%를 사용할 수 있습니다.투표는 커뮤니티가 이 토큰을 어떻게 사용하기를 원하는지 결정하기 위해 분기별로 실시 될 예정입니다.3) HVT 새로운 유틸리티프로젝트가 성장하면서 HVT 토큰에 지속적으로 더 많은 유틸리티를 추가 할 것입니다. 현재 HVT의 유틸리티는 다음과 같습니다. :하이어 바이브즈 DAC 투표 포털에 액세스(예: HVT 지출/소각 제안을 투표할 수 있는 곳)하이어 바이브즈에 나열 된 직접 및 추천 후보 적용에 대한 사용자 인센티브 및 보상시스템이 실행 될 때 HVT에 도입되고 있는 새로운 유틸리티는 이미 이 업계에서 바이낸스 코인 등과 같이 다른 유틸리티 토큰들 사이에서 매우 흔하다. :c) 수수료 절감맞습니다. 하이어 바이브즈에서 성공적으로 고용한 고융주의 경우, 만약 그들이 HVT에서 의뢰 보상금을 지불하기로 선택한다면 감액을 받을 것 입니다. 즉, 고용주가 최소 레퍼럴 보상 수준(5.5%)을 사용하여 고용하기로 선택하고 HVT의 하이어 바이브즈 보상 스마트 컨트랙트에 직접 이 보상을 지급할 경우, 이 수수료는 5% 감소합니다.이것은 다음과 같이 배포 될 것입니다 :합격자에게 3.5%(관련된 경우 레퍼러와 동일하게 분할)합격자 선택의 자선단체 또는 복수 자선단체에 1%하이어 바이브즈 DAC의 EOS 계정(투표, 소각 등을 위한)에 0.5% 적용고용주가 예를 들어 보상을 10%로 설정하고 HVT로 지불하는 경우 9.09 %의 할인이 적용되며 다음과 같이 분배됩니다.합격자 8%(관련될 경우 레퍼러와 동등하게 분할됨)합격자 선택의 자선단체 또는 복수 자선단체에 1%하이어 바이브즈 DAC의 EOS 계정(투표, 소각 등을 위한)에 0.091%현재 채용 서비스 비용 지불과 같이, 미국 달러, EUR, 위안 등과 같은 피아트 통화로 보상을 지불하기를 원하는 고용주들을 위해, 우리는 곧 발표될 안전한 해결책을 마련하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.언제나처럼이 업데이트에 대한 의견을 보내 주시면 감사하겠습니다. 감사합니다. 곧 더 많은 소식이 올 것입니다.


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하이어 바이브즈 개발 업데이트 : 2019년 3월

하이어 바이브즈 개발 업데이트 : 2019년 3월👋 안녕하세요 👋우리는 HireVibes 생태계에서 흥미롭고 수많은 개발 작업을하고 있으며, 블로그 게시물 하나에 모두 공유 할 수 없습니다. 이 기사는 주요 업데이트에 대한 인사이트를 공유 할 것이며 앞으로 다가올 다른 모든 것을 몇주 안에 공유하기 위해 커뮤니케이션 내용을 늘릴 것입니다.HVT 스테이킹 분배는 향후 3 개월 연장 될 예정입니다.올해 2월 1일에 발표 된 스테이킹 시스템은 4월 말에 끝날 예정이었습니다. 그러나 HireVibes 커뮤니티 전체에 놀라운 성장과 참여로 인해 이 계획은 최소 3 개월 연장되었습니다.스테이킹 시스템의 세부 사항 및 프로세스는 동일하게 유지됩니다 (리워드 세부 정보 : 3개월 (5월 — 7월) = 5,000,000 HVT)의 일일 스테이킹 리워드 풀 50,000 HVT. 자세한 내용은 https://www.hirevibes.io/stake에서 확인할 수 있습니다.2,000개 이상의 평균 주간 트랜잭션과 일일 활성 사용자의 탄탄한 기반을 갖춘 이 스테이킹 시스템은 하이어바이브즈 스마트 컨트랙트의 견고성을 테스트하는 방법을 제공 할뿐 아니라 하이어바이브즈 커뮤니티를 성장시키고 HVT 토큰의 더 넓은 분배를 보장하는 인센티브를 제공합니다.알파 릴리즈가 2분기로 변경되었습니다.2019년 1월 말에 하이어바이브즈 알파를 출시하겠다는 원래 계획이 2분기로 변경되었습니다. 우리는 채용 세계를 혁신 시킬 큰 기회가 있음을 잘 알고 있습니다. 우리가 그것을 제대로 할 수 있도록 확실히 하고 하고싶습니다. 알파 버젼은 성공적인 고용을 위해 지원, 추천, 보상을 하는 실제 직업을 광고하는 데 초점을 맞출 것 입니다. 우리는 직업을 올리고, 지원자를 관리하며, 고용할 수 있도록 지원하는 제한적인 고용주 그룹과 협력할 것입니다. 알파 버전이기 때문에, 하이어바이브즈에 더 많은 자선 단체가 온-보드할 때까지 모든 기부는 우리의 자선 파트너인 Humane Love에게 갈 것 입니다. 전체 로드맵은 다음 달에 발표 될 예정입니다.무료 EOS 계정네, 올바르게 읽었습니다! 구인 광고를 성공적으로 신청하고 레퍼럴하는 선착순 2,000 명에게 하이어바이브즈는 EOS 계정을 만들 때 필요한 비용을 지원 할 것 입니다.이 이니셔티브는 EOS 계정 생성 경험이 없는 크립토 세계 외부의 모든 사람들의 진입 장벽을 줄일 것 입니다. 하이어 바이브즈는 각계각층의 사람들을 위한 디앱이기 때문에, 이것이 하이어 바이브즈 뿐만 아니라 EOS 생태계와 더 넓은 크립토 커뮤니티를 위한 채택 증대에 도움이 될 것이라고 생각합니다.하이어 바이브즈 사용자 계정 모델에는 두 가지 구성 요소가 있습니다. : 사용자 계정과 블록 체인 계정. 현재로서는 사용자가 플랫폼에 더 빨리 액세스 할 수 있으므로 가장 적합한 방법이라고 생각합니다. 일단 고용되면 트랜잭션을 처리하고 보상을 분배하기 위해 EOS 블록 체인의 힘이 필요합니다. 하이어 바이브즈는 사용자의 EOS 블록 체인 계정 생성 비용을 지원합니다.그러나 보안은 우리의 최우선 순위이므로, 각 사용자가 계정 키를 매우 쉽게 저장할 수있는 고유 한 서명 공급자 (키 관리 도구)를 개발 중입니다. 즉, 하이어 바이브즈팀은 사용자의 개인 키를 관리하거나 보지 않습니다. 이 혁신적인 도구는 오픈 소스이며 다른 EOS 어플리케이션에도 자체 시스템으로 적용 할 수 있습니다.👇 현재까지 개발 사항 👇구직자 및 추천인(레퍼럴) 경험 :추천 하기추천인(레퍼럴)은 모집에서 큰 역할을 하고 우리는 그것을 하이어 바이브즈에서 공급하고 있습니다. 곧 당신이 직업에 적합하다고 생각하는 사람을 추천하고 그들이 고용되면 HVT 보상을 받을 수 있을 것 입니다.다른 사용자를 추천하려면 직업(Jobs)으로 이동하여 추천 (Refer) 단추를 클릭하거나 구직자의 프로필로 이동하여 직업 추천(Refer For Job)을 클릭하십시오. 구직자나 직업을 각각 선택하면 지원 메시지가 전송됩니다. 만약 그들이 당신의 링크를 통해 지원하고, 그 직업을 아직 보지 않았다면, 당신의 추천은 컨펌 되었습니다.Referring somebody — HV 프로토타입추천 (Referrals) 개요추천 섹션에서는 직업을 위해 만든 추천의 개요를 보여줍니다. 그리고 필요한것을 모두 제공한다면, 지원자가 추천을 수락했거나 거부했는지, 인터뷰했는지, 제안을 받았거나, 성공적으로 고용되었는지 여부 등의 상태를 볼 수 있습니다.추천(referrals) 개요 — HV 프로토타입관리자가 직업 지원 상태를 업데이트할 때 구직자에게 이메일 알림입사 지원자는 고용주가 지원 상태를 관리할 때마다 이메일을 통해 최신 정보를 받습니다.지원 상태를 변경 시 이메일 알림 — HV 프로토타입직업 제안 수락 또는 거절 (스마트 컨트랙트 트리거)인터뷰와 취업 계약 협상은 하이어 바이브즈 외부에서 이루어진다. 그러나 제안이 받아들여지면, 제안 세부사항은 하이어 바이브즈에 제출되고 스마트 컨트랙트에 입력 됩니다. 구직자가 제안을 수락하면 스마트 컨트랙트가 트리거 됩니다.New HireVibes Prototype Releases, Includes Smart Contract Demo관리자 패널 / 고용주 경험:직업 생성하기고용주는 무료로 하이어 바이브즈에서 일자리를 생성 할 수 있습니다. 그리고 고용이 이루어지면 일자리 급여의 수수료나 급여만 지불하면 됩니다.구인 광고 편집 — HV 프로토타입구직자가 지원 시 관리자에게 알림 이메일 옵션이 제공됩니다.고용주는 누군가가 자신의 업무에 지원하면 즉시 이메일 알림을 받을 수 있습니다.지원자 보기 및 관리고용주는 지원자의 지원서를 볼 수 있으며 지원,면접, 채용 등의 지원 상태를 관리할 수 있습니다.지원자 개요 — HV 프로토타입일자리 제안인터뷰와 취업 계약 협상은 하이어 바이브즈 외부에서 이루어진다. 그러나 제안이 받아들여지면, 제안 세부사항은 하이어 바이브즈에 제출되고 리워드 스마트 컨트랙트가 입력됩니다. 지원자는 이메일로 제안을 통지를 받습니다.🙏 감사합니다. 🙏항상 여러분의 지지에 감사드립니다. 정말 고맙습니다. 우리는 지금까지 우리가 개발 한 것에 대한 여러분의 생각, 우리의 프로토 타입 또는 우리를 위해 가질 수있는 아이디어를 알고 싶습니다. 텔레그램 채널(ENG / KR)이나 이메일 feedback@hirevibes.io을 통해 알려주십시오. 더 많은 업데이트가 곧 제공 될 예정입니다.


19. 03. 27

HireVibes — 开发进度更新(2019年3月)

HireVibes — 开发进度更新(2019年3月)👋 你好 👋我们正在HireVibes生态系统进行许多开发工作,我们将无法在一篇文章中全部分享它们。这篇文章将分享一些关键更新,我们将在未来几周内持续分享其他内容。HVT抵押奖励将延长3个月今年2月1日发布的赌注系统将于4月底结束。 然而,由于HVT抵押奖励为整个HireVibes社区带来了惊人的增长和参与,这一活动至少再延长3个月。抵押奖励细节及流程将保持不变( 奖励详情 :每日奖励池中50,000个HVT,为期3个月(5月至7月)= 约5,000,000 HVT )。 更多细节敬请访问网站 https://www.hirevibes.io/cn/stake每周平均2,000多笔交易及每日大量活跃用户,这个抵押系统不仅为我们提供了一种测试智能合约稳健性的方法,还为发展HireVibes社区以及更广泛分发了HVT代币。Alpha版本将在第二季度发布我们最初在2019年第一季度末推出HireVibes Alpha的计划已经改为第二季度。我们知道我们有很好的机去颠覆传统的招聘行业,我们希望确保我们在做正确的事情。Alpha版本将专注于真正的工作 — 申请、转介绍并奖励成功雇用。我们将在一个雇主群里与雇主协同工作,以支持他们发布工作、管理申请人和雇用员工。由于这是一个Alpha版本,所有捐款将捐赠给我们的慈善合作伙伴Humane Love,直到我们将更多慈善机构加入到HireVibes。将在未来几个月内发布完整的路线图。免费EOS账户是的,你没看错! 对于成功申请和推荐招聘广告的前2,000人,HireVibes将承担创建EOS帐户的费用,如果他们需要或想要的话。这项举措将减少没有任何创建EOS账户经验的加密世界之外的人群进入的主要障碍。由于HireVibes是各行各业的Dapp,我们认为这有助于提高采用率; 这不仅仅适用于HireVibes,还适用于EOS生态系统和更广泛的加密社区。HireVibes用户帐户模型有两个组件: 用户帐户和区块链帐户。目前,我们认为这是最合理的方法,因为它使用户能够更快地访问我们的平台。一旦雇用,就需要EOS区块链的来处理交易和分配奖励; HireVibes将承担创建EOS帐户的费用。但是, 安全性是我们的首要任务,因此我们正在开发一个独特的签名提供程序(密钥管理工具) ,以便为每个用户轻松存储帐户密钥。这意味着HireVibes团队永远不会管理或查看任何用户私钥。 这种创新工具将是开源的,可供其他EOS应用程序采纳到自己的系统中。👇 我们开发了什么 👇求职者和推荐流程:推荐某个人推荐在招聘中发挥了重要作用,我们在HireVibes中将它作为重中之重。很快你就可以找到一个你认为适合工作的人,如果他们被聘用,你就可以获得HVT的奖励。要推荐某个人,请转到某个工作并单击“推荐某个人”按钮,或转到“求职者”的个人资料,然后单击“推荐工作”。 分别选择求职者或工作,这将向他们发送要申请工作的消息。如果他们通过您的链接申请,就算尚未查看该工作,则您的推荐已得到确认。推荐某个人 — HV原型推荐概览“推荐”部分向您显示您为工作所做的推荐的概览。 点击详情,您可以看到申请人的状态。他们是接受还是拒绝您的推荐,或正在面试、收到录取通知书,还是已成功聘用。您所做的推荐概览 — HV原型当雇主更新工作申请状态时,求职者将会收到通知邮件。当雇主管理其申请状态时,通过电子邮件向申请人提供有关其申请的工作的最新申请状态。申请状态更改的电子邮件通知 — HV原型接受或拒绝工作机会(触发智能合约状态)面试和工作合同谈判发生在HireVibes之外。但是,当收到要约时,要约详细信息会提交给HireVibes,并被提交给智能合约。 接受报价的求职者会触发智能合约。New HireVibes Prototype Releases, Includes Smart Contract Demo管理面板/雇主操作流程:添加新职位雇主可以免费在HireVibes上添加新职位。 并且在成功雇用后只需要支付一定比例的服务费。编辑职位信息 — HV原型当求职者申请了他们发布的职位时,招聘管理员的电子邮件通知(可选)当有人申请职位时,雇主可以选择立即收到电子邮件通知。查看和管理职位申请人雇主可以查看申请人的工作,并管理他们的职位申请状态,从申请到面试、再到聘用。职位申请概况 — HV原型提供工作机会面试和工作合同谈判发生在HireVibes之外。 但是,当收到要约时,要约详细信息将提交给HireVibes并提供给智能合约奖励。 并通过电子邮件通知候选人。🙏 谢谢你 🙏一如既往,感谢您的支持。我们真的很感激。我们很想知道您对我们迄今为止的开发进度及原型的意见和建议,或您可能为我们提出的任何想法。请通过我们的 Telegram 频道或电子邮件告知我们 : feedback@hirevibes.io 。即将发布更多更新。 干杯!


19. 03. 27

HireVibes Development Updat...

👋 Hello again 👋We’re working on so many exciting developments in the HireVibes ecosystem, we won’t be able to share them all in just one blog post. This piece will share insight into some of the key updates and we will be ramping up our communications in the coming weeks to share everything else.HVT Staking Distribution will be extended for another 3 months!The staking system that was released on the 1st of February of this year was due to finish at the end of April. However, due to the amazing growth and engagement this has generated for the whole HireVibes community, this initiative is being extended for at least another 3 months.The staking details and process will remain the same (Rewards details: 50,000 HVT in a daily staking pool for 3 months (May — July) = ~5,000,000 HVT). More details can be found on our website: https://www.hirevibes.io/stake.With over 2,000 average weekly transactions and a solid base of daily active users, this staking system not only gives us a way to test the robustness of our smart contract, it also provides an incentive to grow the HireVibes community as well as ensuring a wider distribution of the HVT token.Alpha Release moved to Q2Our original plan to ship HireVibes Alpha at the end of Q1, 2019 has changed to Q2. We understand we have a great opportunity to disrupt the recruitment world, and we want to make sure we do it right. The Alpha will be focused around advertising real jobs — to apply, refer and reward for successful hire. We’ll be working with a closed group of Hirers to support them to post their jobs, manage applicants, and make hires. And as this is an Alpha version, all donations will go to our charity partner Humane Love until we onboard more charities to HireVibes. A full roadmap will be released in the coming months.Free EOS AccountsYes, you read that correctly! For the first 2,000 people who apply and refer to job ads successfully, HireVibes will cover the cost of creating their EOS account if they need or want one.This initiative will reduce a main barrier to entry for all the people outside the crypto world who have no prior experience setting up an EOS account. As HireVibes is a Dapp for people from all walks of life, we feel this will help increase adoption; not just for HireVibes, but for the EOS ecosystem and the wider crypto community in general.HireVibes user account model has two components: the user account and the blockchain account. For now, we believe this is the most suitable approach as it enables users to get faster access to our platform. Once a hire is made the power of the EOS blockchain is needed to process transactions and distribute rewards; HireVibes will cover the cost of creating the user’s EOS blockchain account.However, security is our top priority, so we’re developing a unique signature provider (Key management tool) to enable super easy storage of account keys for each user. This means the HireVibes team will never manage or see any users private keys. This innovative tool will be open-source and available for other EOS applications to bake into their own systems.👇 What we’ve developed since 👇Jobseeker and Referral experience:Refer somebodyReferrals play a big role in recruitment and we’re catering for it in HireVibes. Soon it will be possible for you to refer somebody you think is a good fit for a job and earn a reward in HVT if they are hired.To refer somebody, go to a job and click the Refer Somebody button, or go to the Jobseeker’s profile and click Refer For Job. Choose the Jobseeker or job respectively and this will send them a message to apply. If they apply via your link, and haven’t already viewed the job, your referral is confirmed.Referring somebody — HV prototypeReferrals overviewThe Referrals section shows you an overview of the referrals you’ve made for jobs. And digging deeper you can see the status of applicants. Whether they accepted or rejected your referral, or are interviewing, received an offer, or were hired successfully.Overview of the referrals you’ve made — HV prototypeNotifications emails to Jobseekers when Admin updates their job application stateApplicants to jobs are kept up to date about their application via email whenever a Hirer manages their application status.Email notification of an application status change — HV prototypeAccept or reject job offer (smart contract status triggered)Interviewing and job contract negotiation occur outside of HireVibes. But when an offer has been accepted, the offer details are submitted to HireVibes and are fed into the smart contract. The Jobseeker accepting the offer triggers the smart contract.New HireVibes Prototype Releases, Includes Smart Contract DemoAdmin panel / Hirer experience:Create jobsHirers can create jobs on HireVibes for free. And only have to pay a fee of the jobs salary or pay if a hire is made.Editing a job ad — HV prototypeNotifications email option to Admins when Jobseeker applies to their jobHirers will have the option to receive an email notification immediately when somebody applies to their job.View and manage applicantsHirers can view applicants to their job and manage their application status from applied to interviewing to job offer made to hired.Overview of applicants to your jobs — HV prototypeMake job offerInterviewing and job contract negotiation occur outside of HireVibes. But when an offer has been accepted, the offer details are submitted to HireVibes and fed into the reward smart contract. The candidate is notified of the offer via email.🙏 Thank you 🙏As always, thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. We would love to know your thoughts on our development so far, our prototype, or any ideas you might have for us. Let us know via our Telegram channel or through email: feedback@hirevibes.io. More updates coming soon. Cheers!Chinese and Korean versions available also 😊🌏


19. 03. 27

HireVibes — Progress Update...

HireVibes — Progress Update (Feb 2019)January proved to be a busy month at HireVibes, and we’re excited to share some insights into the key business activities we’re working on, coupled with some updates on HireVibes development progress.HVT Staking System is Livehttps://www.hirevibes.io/stakeWe launched the HVT staking system as a community initiative to reward HireVibes early adopters, and to also incentivise new members to join the growing HireVibes community.We are delighted that HireVibes is just the 5th EOS Dapp to be added to EOS Toolkit https://eostoolkit.io/home, and we want to give a special thanks to Genereos for their efforts in adding HireVibes in such a short amount of time.HireVibes will be added to https://dappradar.com/ soon. For more details on the staking system, with Chinese and Korean translations, please visit this blog post: https://medium.com/@HireVibes/hirevibes-update-hvt-staking-rewards-system-is-live-2e1af573a46a2. HireVibes adds Korean and Chinese Community Managers to the teamThese are two additions to the team that we are really grateful for.HireVibes Korean CM who goes by the name of ‘CREAMer’, has been a key contributor to EOS since before the chain was launched mid last year. With an EOS news channel consisting of over 5000 subscribers, coupled with a popular YouTube channel, we are sure the HireVibes word will be spread far and wide in the Korean community.HireVibes CM for the China region; Haiying Yang is a software developer with a media background and a clear passion for the EOS open source software. Asia is a key target market for HireVibes, with China representing the largest market for recruitment agency services in the world, which HireVibes is going to be entering this year.3. An updated version of the HireVibes whitepaperThe updated whitepaper has been added to the HireVibes github repo: https://github.com/hirevibes/docs/blob/master/whitepaper.mdAll comments and feedback are welcome.4. Speaking with Employers — inside the EOS ecosystem...and outsideSince the release of the HireVibes user prototype https://prototype.hirevibes.io/signup in November 2018, a number of fledgling EOS startups seeking to grow their teams have expressed interest in using HireVibes Dapp to crowdsource their next hires.With that, we are actively speaking with startups, mid sized companies and large multinational companies, mainly in the IT sector. The competition for talent is ever-increasing, which means employers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to find, connect and hire skilled team members. Given the CSR (corporate social responsibility) layer that’s built into HireVibes business model, we are enjoying educating companies on how they can leverage HireVibes in a brand empowering way when the platform is live this year.5. Legal entity planning — new company formationSince we are building a decentralised application to operate in the mainstream enterprise world serving legal entities, we were always aware that a ‘’vessel’’ of some kind, or a number of ‘vessels’ would be needed to enter and float in the sea of commerce.We are actively working on setting up the HireVibes Foundation which will be a service provider to HireVibes DAC, the community of HireVibe token holders. However, we are also working on setting up a new legal entity in a suitable jurisdiction which will house the current HireVibes development team and give us a solid base to develop and grow the HireVibes ecosystem from. There are alot of ambitious yet realistic plans in the pipeline, and we want to give HireVibes all the support it needs to operate in the wild efficiently and compliantly. More details to be released soon.6. Speaking with InvestorsHireVibes to date has captured the attention of people and businesses inside and outside the EOS community. However, we are not here for capturing attention, HireVibes is getting ready for mainstream adoption. Furthermore, to have the ability to create a new decentralised hiring network that competes with internet giants like LinkedIn, Indeed and Upwork, as well as with centralised recruitment agencies like Adecco, Manpower, Randstad etc; a number of resources like capital, increased head-count etc are needed.The new company formation listed above will provide the structure needed for receiving significant investment. We are speaking with a number of investors and talks are progressing positively. As soon as we have news to share, we won’t hesitate in sharing it with the community.7. Partnership growthOur current partners have been invaluable to us so far, providing advice and guidance when it’s needed. We are looking to add to our list of partners who can provide value and who are aligned to our goals. Right now, we are exploring partnerships with proven incubators in this space, reputable EOS block producers and with HR consultancies who are interested in being HireVibes channel sales partners.8. FIAT Gateways — enable companies to pay in FIAT currenciesInnovation in the EOS space is ever-increasing, and we are constantly evaluating the current array of fiat gateway solutions offered by 3rd party vendors, as well as the custom solutions being developed by other EOS startups.There are a number of service providers available to help solve these problems. While we are cognisant of these, we are also developing a simple model that will allow companies using HireVibes to pay in fiat currencies like USD, CNY, EUR etc in a seamless and frictionless manner. This is one current barrier to entry as not many companies are ready to pay for services using crypto-tokens. However with the amount of infrastructure under development, its one barrier we feel will be significantly reduced in the near future.9. Website design iterationIn the background, we give our hand at exploring an updated look and feel to our brand. Trying to find something that really resonates with us and our community. Below is a taste of a visual direction we’re interested in. We’ll apply it to our site soon, see how it resonates with people, and progress from there. Let us know what you think!10. Admin panel added to HireVibesWe’ve added the ability for admins to make adjustments to jobs, applications and companies in the HireVibes platform, enabling our team to initially manage the hiring experience through HireVibes. This feature paves the way to giving access to Hirers to manage jobs and applicants through their company page. A more insightful development update will be shared later this month.Having just entered a new moon in Aquarius and with the Chinese Spring Festival upon us, we want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.We look forward to sharing more updates on HireVibes in due course.Namaste1월은 하이어 바이브즈에게 바쁜 한 달이었습니다. 하이어 바이브즈의 주요 사업 활동에 대한 몇 가지 의견과 개발 진행에 대한 최신 정보들을 공유하게 되어 기쁩니다.HVT 스테이킹 시스템 오픈 : https://www.hirevibes.io/stake하이어 바이브즈 초기 홀더들과 하이어 바이브즈의 새로운 홀더들에게 인센티브를 제공하기 위해 HVT 스테이킹 시스템을 출시했습니다.하이어 바이브즈가 EOS Toolkit에 추가 된 5 번째 EOS Dapp인 것을 기쁘게 생각하며, 짧은 시간에 스테이킹 기능을 추가해준 Genereos에게 특별한 감사를 전합니다. https://eostoolkit.io/home하이어 바이브즈는 곧 댑 레이더에 추가 될 예정입니다. 스테이킹 시스템에 대한 자세한 내용은 한국어 및 중국어로 번역 되었으니 다음 게시물을 참조해주세요 https://medium.com/@HireVibes /hirevibes-update-hvt-staking-rewards-system-is-live-2e1af573a46a2. 하이어 바이브즈 한국,중국 커뮤니티 매니저 합류하이어 바이브즈 한국 커뮤니티 매니저 ‘크리머’ : 크리머는 EOS 메인넷이 출시되기 전부터 EOS의 중요한 기여자였습니다. 4,800명 이상의 구독자가 있는 EOS 뉴스 채널을 통해 하이어 바이브즈가 한국 커뮤니티에 널리 전파 될 것입니다.하이어 바이브즈 중국 커뮤니티 매니저 ‘Haiying Yang’ : Haiying Yang은 EOS 오픈 소스 소프트웨어에 대한 열정과 미디어 백그라운드를 가지고 있는 소프트웨어 개발자입니다. HireVibes의 핵심 목표 시장은 아시아입니다. 중국은 올해 하이어 바이브즈가 진출하는 세계 최대 규모의 채용 에이전시 서비스 시장을 대표 합니다.3. 하이어 바이브즈 백서 업데이트하이어 바이브즈의 업데이트 된 백서가 깃헙 repo에 추가되었습니다.https://github.com/hirevibes/docs/blob/master/whitepaper.md모든 코멘트와 피드백은 환영 합니다.4. 고용주(기업)들과의 대화 — EOS 생태계 내/외부 2018년 11월, 하이어 바이브즈의 프로토타입이 출시 된 이후 팀을 성장시키려는 수많은 EOS 관련 스타트업들이 하이어 바이브즈를 사용한 직원 채용에 관심을 표명했습니다.또한 우리는 주로 IT 분야의 스타트업, 중소기업 및 대기업 포춘지 500 대 기업 들과 적극적으로 대화하고 있습니다. 인재 경쟁은 갈수록 심해지고 있으며, 이는 고용주들이 숙련된 팀원들을 찾고, 연결하고, 고용하는 새로운 방법을 끊임없이 찾고 있다는 것을 의미 합니다.”하이어 바이브즈” 비즈니스 모델에 구축된 CSR(기업의 사회적 책임)을 고려할 때, 하이어 바이브즈를 활용하여 브랜드가 어떻게 살아갈 수 있는지에 대한 교육을 하고 있습니다.5. 법인 설립 계획 — 신규 회사 설립우리는 법인을 서비스하는 주류 기업 세계에서 운영되는 분산형 애플리케이션을 구축하고 있기 때문에, 커머스의 바다에 들어가 떠다니기 위해서는 어떤 종류의 “배” 또는 많은 “배”가 필요할 것이라는 것을 항상 알고 있었습니다.우리는 하이어 바이브즈 토큰 홀더 커뮤니티인 하이어 바이브즈 DAC의 서비스 제공 업체가 될 하이어 바이브즈 재단을 설립하기 위해 적극적으로 노력하고 있습니다.또한 우리는 현재의 하이어 바이브즈 개발팀을 수용하고 하이어 바이브즈 생태계를 개발하고 성장시킬 수있는 탄탄한 기반을 제공 할 수있는 적절한 법적 관할 구역에 새로운 법인을 설립하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.이 진행 중인 계획들은 야심 차지만 현실적인 것들이 많이 있으며 우리는 하이어 바이브즈가 효율적이고 순조로운 운영에 필요한 모든 지원을 제공하기를 원합니다. 자세한 내용은 곧 발표될 예정 입니다.6. 투자자들과의 대화현재까지 하이어 바이브즈는 EOS 커뮤니티 내/외부 사람들과 기업들의 관심을 이끌었습니다.하지만 우리는 관심을 끌기 위해 여기 있는 것이 아니라, 메인스트림 사용자들의 채택을 준비하고 있습니다. 인터넷 거대 기업인 Linkedin,Indeed,Upwork, 중앙화 채용 에이젼시 Adecco, Manpower, Randstad 등과 경쟁하기 위한 새로운 탈중앙화 채용 네트워크를 구축 할 수 있는 능력을 갖추기 위해서는 자본과 같은 많은 자원들이 필요 합니다.위에 언급 한 신규 회사 설립은 큰 투자를 받기 위해 필요한 구조를 제공할 것 입니다.우리는 많은 투자자들과 이야기하고 있으며, 대화는 긍정적으로 진행되고 있습니다. 공유 할 소식이 생기는 즉시 커뮤니티와 공유할 것 입니다.7. 파트너십우리의 현재 파트너들은 지금까지 우리에게 소중한 도움이되었으며 필요시 조언과 안내를 제공했습니다.우리는 가치를 제공하고 목표에 부합하는 파트너 목록에 추가하고자합니다. 현재 우리는 이 분야에서 검증된 인큐베이터, 명성 있는 EOS 블록 생산자 및 하이어바이브즈 채널 세일즈 파트너에 관심이 있는 HR 컨설턴트와 파트너십을 모색 중에 있습니다.8. FIAT 게이트웨이 — 기업 FIAT 화폐로 지불 가능EOS 분야의 혁신은 계속 증가하고 있으며, 다른 EOS 관련 스타트업이 개발 한 맞춤형 솔루션은 물론 타사 벤더 업체가 제공하는 현재 사용중인 FIAT 게이트 게이트웨이 솔루션을 지속적으로 평가하고 있습니다.이러한 문제를 해결하는 데 도움을 줄 수있는 많은 서비스 제공 업체가 있습니다. 우리는 이를 잘 알고 있고, 하이어 바이브즈를 사용하는 회사들이 USD, CNY, EUR 등과 같은 화폐 단위의 통화로 원활하고 마찰없는 방식으로 지불 할 수있는 간단한 모델을 개발 중입니다.많은 기업들이 암호화 토큰을 사용하여 서비스 비용을 지불 할 준비가되어 있지 않으므로 이것이 현재의 진입 장벽 중 하나입니다. 그러나 개발 중인 인프라와 함께, 가까운 미래에 이러한 진입 장벽이 크게 감소할 것이라고 생각합니다.9. 웹사이트 디자인하이어 바이브즈 브랜드의 새로운 디자인을 업데이트 중 이며 커뮤니가 공감할만한 무언가를 찾으려고 노력 중 입니다. 아래는 업데이트 적용 예정인 디자인 입니다. 디자인은 사람들의 피드백으로 부터 발전할 것 입니다. 여러분의 생각을 말씀해주세요.10. 하이어바이브즈 관리자 패널 추가우리는 관리자가 하이어 바이브즈 플랫폼에서 직업, 어플리케이션, 회사를 조정할 수있는 기능을 추가하여 하이어 바이브즈를 통해 채용 경험을 초기에 관리 할 수있게했습니다.이 기능은 고용주가 그들의 회사 페이지를 통해 일자리와 지원자들을 관리할 수 있도록 하는 길을 열어줍니다. 좀 더 유용한 개발 업데이트가 이번 달 말에 공유될 예정 입니다.우리는 적절한 시기에 HireVibes에 대한 더 많은 업데이트를 공유하기를 기대합니다.


19. 02. 06

HireVibes Update: HVT Staki...

Happy New Year HireVibes Community!In a previous blog post entry we talked about our temporary staking program, which will commence on Feb 1, 2019. We have implemented this rewards programs in order to reward our early supporters and believers. After the 3 months is over we plan to open our platform to staking for real earned HVT rewards as outlined in our lightpaper (See section “How are HireVibes Tokens (HVT) used?”).We envision HireVibes to be a disruptive decentralized application which will put the community first in many aspects, from governance of our platform, to the distribution of rewards.The global recruitment market was reported to be worth $428 billion in 2016, with an expected annual growth of 8.6%. In 2019 the market size is expected to be $550 billion. By integrating the value and trust layers of the blockchain, and using the power of the EOSIO software, we believe HireVibes will indeed capture part of this massive growing market.Rewards details: 50,000* HVT in a daily rewards pool for 3 months = ~5,000,000 HVT*Your individual staking rewards depends on the amount of your staked HVT in relation to the total amount of staked HVT among all users. See examples below.On Feb 1, 2019 you will be able to follow these steps:Go to https://hirevibes.ioClick Staking in the menuConnect with Scatter (for help with Scatter go here and ask questions: https://t.me/Scatter)Enter the Amount (HVT) you would like to stake and click Stake.Notes:Special thanks goes out to Phillip Hamnett of EOS 42 and Angelo Laub of Priveos for completing an audit of our staking smart contract code.Staking HVT and RewardsYou can stake HVT at anytime and multiple times.Your staking rewards depends on the amount of your staked HVT in relation to the total amount of staked HVT among all users.Your staked HVT can’t be used or transferred.Claiming RewardsAfter UTC 00:00 daily, you can claim your staking rewards of the previous day.Your unclaimed rewards can be claimed at any time.Unstaking HVTWhen you unstake HVT, it will be unstaked 72 hours later.If you unstake again while your HVT is unstaking, the unstaking timer will be reset, and all your unstaking HVT will be unstaked 72 hours later.Staking Scenarios (example):(1) User A staked 8M HVT at 5PM on Feb 15(2) User B staked 2M HVT at 9PM on Feb 15, Unstaked 2M HVT at 10PM on Feb 15(3) User C staked 15M HVT at 7PM on Feb 15, and staked 4M HVT at 8PM on Feb 16 again(4) User D staked 10M HVT at 6PM on Feb 15, Unstaked 10M HVT at 9PM on Feb 17(5) User E staked 3M HVT at 9PM on Feb 15, staked 5M HVT at 9PM on Feb 16, Unstaked 6M HVT at 10PM on Feb 17The rewards of users as follows:(1)At Feb 16 UTC 00:00:staking pool: 8M+15M+10M+3M=36Muser A: 8/(36) * 50000 user B: N/A(not counted in staking pool)user C: 15/(36) * 50000 user D: 10/(36) * 50000 user E: 3/(36) * 50000(2)Feb 17 UTC 00:00:staking pool: 8M+15M+10M+3M+4M+5M=45Muser A: 8/(45) * 50000 user B: N/Auser C: 15/(45) * 50000 + 4/(45) * 50000 user D: 10/(45) * 50000 user E: 3/(45) * 50000 + 5/(45) * 50000(3)Feb 18 UTC 00:00: staking pool: 8M+15M+10M+3M+4M+5M–10M–6M=29Muser A: 8/(29) * 50000 user B: N/Auser C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000 user D: N/A(not counted in staking pool)user E: 2/(29) * 50000(4)Feb 19 UTC 00:00: staking pool: 29Muser A: 8/(29) * 50000 user B: N/Auser C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000 user D: N/A(not counted in staking pool)user E: 2/(29) * 50000(5)Feb 20 UTC 00:00: staking pool: 29Muser A: 8/(29) * 50000 user B: N/Auser C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000user D: N/A(not counted in staking pool)user E: 2/(29) * 50000Stay tuned for more exciting upcoming news. Check out our developer update here showing the Prototype release and smart contract demo.We would like to thank the whole HireVibes community, and we look forward to the launch and early adoption of the HireVibes platform. Visit our website here hirevibes.io and connect with us by sending us an email at hello@hiresvibes.io. Also, for questions, please join our chat group here: t.me/hirevibes_dapp.HireVibes更新:HVT 抵押奖励系统已上线!新年快乐HireVibes社区!在之前的博客文章中,我们讨论了我们的临时抵押奖励计划,该计划将在2019年2月1日开始。我们已经实施了这些奖励计划,以奖励我们的早期支持者和拥护者。在此计划上线3个月后,我们计划启动我们的平台,以获得真正的HVT奖励,如我们的简化版白皮书中所述(参见“如何使用HireVibes代币(HVT)”部分)。我们的愿景是将HireVibes打造成一个颠覆性的去中心化应用程序,并奉行社区优先的方针,包括平台治理以及奖励分配等方面。据报道,2016年全球招聘市场产值约为4280亿美元,预计年增长率为8.6%。2019年,市场规模预计为5500亿美元。通过整合区块链的价值和信任层,并利用EOSIO软件的强大功能,我们相信HireVibes将成为这个庞大且快速增长的市场的一部分。奖励详情:每天5万HVT,持续3个月,奖励池共约500万HVT。*你的抵押奖励取决于你抵押的HVT数量以及所有用户抵押的HVT总量。参见下面的例子。HVT抵押方法打开网站 https://hirevibes.io点击菜单上的抵押按钮连接到Scatter(如有任何Scatter使用上的问题:https://t.me/Scatter)输入您要抵押的HVT数量,确认EOS账号然后点击抵押说明:特别感谢EOS 42的Phillip Hamnett和Priveos的Angelo Laub完成对我们的合约智能合约代码的审核。抵押 HVT及奖励-你可以在任意时间抵押HVT,且可以多次抵押。-你的抵押奖励取决于你抵押的HVT数量以及所有用户抵押的HVT总量。-你抵押的HVT将不能转账或使用。领取奖励-每天UTC 00:00(北京时间上午8点)后可领取前一天抵押奖励。-未领取的奖励随时可以领取。赎回HVT-赎回HVT需要72小时到账。-当有一部分HVT正处于赎回状态,这个时候你再次赎回,则赎回计时器将被重置,你所有赎回的HVT将在72小时后到账。抵押场景(例子):(1)用户A在2月15日下午5点抵押8M HVT(2)用户B于2月15日晚上9点抵押2M HVT,2月15日晚10点抵押2M HVT(3)用户C于2月15日晚上7点抵押15M HVT,并于2月16日晚8点再次抵押4M HVT(4)用户D于2月15日下午6点抵押10M HVT,2月17日晚9点抵押10M HVT(5)用户E于2月15日晚上9点在抵押3M HVT,2月16日晚上9点再次抵押5M HVT,2月17日晚上10点赎回6M HVT用户的奖励如下:(1)2月16日UTC 00:00:抵押池:8M + 15M + 10M + 3M = 36M用户A:8 /(36)* 50000用户B:N / A(不计入抵押池)用户C:15 /(36)* 50000用户D:10 /(36)* 50000用户E:3 /(36)* 50000(2)2月17日UTC 00:00:抵押池:8M + 15M + 10M + 3M + 4M + 5M = 45M用户A:8 /(45)* 50000用户B:不适用用户C:15 /(45)* 50000 + 4 /(45)* 50000用户D:10 /(45)* 50000用户E:3 /(45)* 50000 + 5 /(45)* 50000(3)2月18日UTC 00:00:抵押池:8M + 15M + 10M + 3M + 4M + 5M-10M-6M = 29M用户A:8 /(29)* 50000用户B:不适用用户C:15 /(29)* 50000 + 4 /(29)* 50000用户D:不适用(不计入抵押池)用户E:2 /(29)* 50000(4)2月19日UTC 00:00:抵押池:29M用户A:8 /(29)* 50000用户B:不适用用户C:15 /(29)* 50000 + 4 /(29)* 50000用户D:不适用(不计入抵押池)用户E:2 /(29)* 50000(5)2月20日UTC 00:00:抵押池:29M用户A:8 /(29)* 50000用户B:不适用用户C:15 /(29)* 50000 + 4 /(29)* 50000用户D:不适用(不计入抵押池)用户E:2 /(29)* 50000请继续关注更多令人兴奋的新闻。请查看我们的开发人员更新,这里展示了原型版本和智能合约演示。我们要感谢整个HireVibes社区,我们期待HireVibes平台的推出和早期采用。敬请访问我们的网站hirevibes.io并发送电子邮件hello@hiresvibes.io与我们联系。另外,如有疑问,请在此处加入我们的聊天组:t.me/hirevibes_dapp。하이어 바이브즈(HireVibes) 업데이트 : HVT 스테이킹(예치) 보상 시스템 오픈!새해 복 많이 받으세요 ! 하이어 바이브즈 커뮤니티 여러분!이전 블로그 포스트에서 2019 년 2 월 1 일에 시작될 임시 스테이킹 프로그램에 관한 이야기를 했습니다. 우리는 초기 서포터들과 믿음을 주시는 분들에게 보상하기 위해 리워드 프로그램을 준비 했습니다. 3개월이 지났고 라이트-페이퍼 에 명시된대로 실제 HVT 보상을 받도록 플랫폼을 오픈 할 계획입니다. (“HireVibes Token (HVT)는 어떻게 사용 되었습니까?” 부문을 보시면 확인 가능 합니다.우리는 HireVibes가 거버넌스 부터 리워드 분배 등 여러 측면에서 커뮤니티를 우선시하는 파괴적인 디앱(dApp)이 될 것으로 예상합니다.글로벌 채용 시장은 2016년에 연간 8.6%의 성장률을 보이며 4,280억 달러의 가치가 있는 것으로 보고되었고, 2019년에는 시장 규모가 5,500억 달러가 될 것으로 예상 됩니다. 블록체인의 가치와 신뢰의 계층을 통합하고, EOSIO 소프트웨어의 힘을 사용함으로써, 우리는 HireVibes가 실제로 이 거대하게 성장하는 시장의 일부를 차지할 것이라고 믿습니다.리워드 상세 사항 : 50,000 HVT x 3개월 동안 매일 스테이킹 풀에있는 HVT= 최대 5,000,000 HVT *홀더분들이 스테이킹한 양에 따라 보상이 달라집니다. 아래의 예시를 참조하세요.HVT 스테이킹 방법https://hirevibes.io 접속스테이킹 메뉴 클릭스캐터 연동스테이킹 할 HVT 양 입력 후 스테이킹 버튼 클릭HireVibes의 스마트 컨트랙트 코드에 대한 감사를 진행해준 EOS 42의 Phillip Hamnett과 Priveos의 Angelo Laub에게 특별한 감사의 말을 전합니다.HVT 스테이킹 그리고 리워드- HVT 스테이킹은 언제든, 여러번 할 수 있습니다.- 리워드는 스테이킹한 HVT 수량에 따라 달라집니다.- 스테이킹한 HVT는 전송이 불가능 합니다.리워드 클레임- 한국 시간으로 매일 오전 9시 이후에 전날 리워드를 클레임 할 수 있습니다.- 클레임 하지 않은 리워드는 언제는 클레임 할 수 있습니다.언스테이킹 HVT- HVT를 언스테이킹 시 72시간 후에 언스테이크 됩니다.- 만약, 언스테이킹 중인 HVT를 다시 언스테이크 한다면 시간은 리셋 되서 다시 72시간이 됩니다.스테이킹 시나리오 (예시) :(1) 사용자 A : 800만 HVT 토큰을 2월 15일 PM 5시에 스테이킹 했습니다.(2) 사용자 B : 200만 HVT 토큰을 2월 15일 PM 9시에 스테이킹하고 2월 15일 PM 10시에 200만 HVT 언스테이킹 했습니다.(3) 사용자 C : 1500만 HVT 토큰을 2월 15일 PM 6시에 스테이킹하고 2월 17일 PM 8시에 400만 HVT 토큰을 추가로 스테이킹 했습니다. (4) 사용자 D : 1000만 HVT 토큰을 2월 15일 PM 6시에 스테이킹하고 2월 17일 PM 9시에 1000만 HVT 토큰을 언스테이킹 했습니다. (5) 사용자 E : 300만 HVT 토큰을 2월 15일 PM 9시에 스테이킹하고 2월 17일 PM 10시에 600만 HVT 토큰을 언스테이킹 했습니다.리워드(보상) 시나리오 (예시) :(1)2월 16일 00:00 (UTC) :스테이킹 풀 : 800만+1500만+1000만+300만=3600만 HVT사용자 A: 8/(36) * 50000 사용자 B: 없음 (스테이킹 풀에 집계 안됨)사용자 C: 15/(36) * 50000 사용자 D: 10/(36) * 50000 사용자 E: 3/(36) * 50000(2)2월 17일 00:00(UTC):스테이킹 풀 : 800만+1500만+1000만+300만+400만+500만=4500만사용자 A: 8/(45) * 50000 사용자 B: 없음사용자 C: 15/(45) * 50000 + 4/(45) * 50000 사용자 D: 10/(45) * 50000 사용자 E: 3/(45) * 50000 + 5/(45) * 50000(3) 2월 18일 00:00(UTC) : 스테이킹 풀 : 800만+1500만+1000만+300만+400만+500만–1000만–600만=2900만사용자 A: 8/(29) * 50000 사용자 B: 없음사용자 C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000 사용자 D: 없음사용자 E: 2/(29) * 50000(4) 2월 19일 00:00(UTC) : 스테이킹 풀 : 2900만사용자 A: 8/(29) * 50000 사용자 B: 없음사용자 C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000 사용자 D: 없음사용자 E: 2/(29) * 50000(5) 2월 20일 00:00(UTC) : 스테이킹 풀 : 2900만사용자 A: 8/(29) * 50000 사용자 B: 없음사용자 C: 15/(29) * 50000 + 4/(29) * 50000 사용자 D: 없음사용자 E: 2/(29) * 50000다가오는 더 흥미로운 뉴스를 기대해주세요. 프로토 타입 릴리즈 및 스마트 컨트랙트 데모를 보여주는 개발자 업데이트를 확인하세요.HireVibes 커뮤니티 전체에 감사 드리며 HireVibes 플랫폼의 출시와 얼리 어답션을 기대합니다. 우리의 웹 사이트 hirevibes.io를 방문하고 hello@hiresvibes.io로 메일을 보내 우리와 연락주세요. 또한 질문이 있으시면 텔레그램 그룹에 가입해주세요 : t.me/hirevibes_dapp.


19. 02. 02

New HireVibes Prototype Rel...

Today we are excited to announce TWO new HireVibes prototypes. The first is an extended Jobseeker experience and an evolution of the UI. The second demonstrates our Smart Contract development. We continue to deliver on schedule per our roadmap, having released the first HireVibes prototype and HVT token in November 2018. Next year is already shaping up to be phenomenal for the whole HireVibes community, more details coming soon on 2019 partnerships.😬🚀 Go to the HireVibes Prototype 😬🚀https://medium.com/media/0a7467189aa69b7ac977ad99a289364e/hrefLessons learned from our first prototypeMost people don’t use Scatter! This ended up being more of a roadblock than originally anticipated. We have more interest from potential users and customers outside of the blockchain world than we realized and this ended up adding extra friction to their experience.body[data-twttr-rendered="true"] {background-color: transparent;}.twitter-tweet {margin: auto !important;}@DanielBeere @Get_Scatter @HireVibes I'm trying to install Scatter and login on my mac but I get: "Missing Required Networks" after clicking on the hirevibes website. Is there a tutorial to get everything set up? looks like I don't have an EOS account... — @GianPaJfunction notifyResize(height) {height = height ? height : document.documentElement.offsetHeight; var resized = false; if (window.donkey && donkey.resize) {donkey.resize(height); resized = true;}if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var obj = {iframe: window.frameElement, height: height}; parent._resizeIframe(obj); resized = true;}if (window.location && window.location.hash === "#amp=1" && window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) {window.parent.postMessage({sentinel: "amp", type: "embed-size", height: height}, "*");}if (window.webkit && window.webkit.messageHandlers && window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize) {window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize.postMessage(height); resized = true;}return resized;}twttr.events.bind('rendered', function (event) {notifyResize();}); twttr.events.bind('resize', function (event) {notifyResize();});if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var maxWidth = parseInt(window.frameElement.getAttribute("width")); if ( 500 < maxWidth) {window.frameElement.setAttribute("width", "500");}}body[data-twttr-rendered="true"] {background-color: transparent;}.twitter-tweet {margin: auto !important;}@DanielBeere @HireVibes @Get_Scatter This is great Dan! I love the concept of @HireVibes , but I'm just not THAT into blockchain. So I'd have to perform some serious mental gymnastics to attain the level of knowledge necessary to onboard the product. — @PineappleHannahfunction notifyResize(height) {height = height ? height : document.documentElement.offsetHeight; var resized = false; if (window.donkey && donkey.resize) {donkey.resize(height); resized = true;}if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var obj = {iframe: window.frameElement, height: height}; parent._resizeIframe(obj); resized = true;}if (window.location && window.location.hash === "#amp=1" && window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) {window.parent.postMessage({sentinel: "amp", type: "embed-size", height: height}, "*");}if (window.webkit && window.webkit.messageHandlers && window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize) {window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize.postMessage(height); resized = true;}return resized;}twttr.events.bind('rendered', function (event) {notifyResize();}); twttr.events.bind('resize', function (event) {notifyResize();});if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var maxWidth = parseInt(window.frameElement.getAttribute("width")); if ( 500 < maxWidth) {window.frameElement.setAttribute("width", "500");}}We are addressing this by moving Scatter to later in the HireVibes hiring process. We will continue to use Scatter only when it is necessary to interact with the EOS blockchain, such as when a Hirer offers a job to a Jobseeker, when a Jobseeker accepts or rejects a job offer, etc. More on that below.User Prototype UpdateUpdated signup experience to make it easier for those that don’t have Scatter setup or an EOS account. We use “Magic Links” to help people signup and login easily — when you enter your email address, we’ll email you a link and on clicking that link you’ll be logged in automatically. Our prototype is now more accessible for people to explore, and gives us an opportunity to gather more feedback.Messaging portal for all HireVibes users to communicate with each other. This way Hirers, Referrers and Jobseekers can be in contact and pave the way for future job applications and referrals. If you’re not logged into HireVibes, you’ll be notified by email of any messages you’ve received in the meantime, so you won’t miss a thing!We’ve also added search to HireVibes. You can search for jobs based on location and keyword; keyword search includes the job role, description and company name. You can also search for Jobseekers by location and keyword, as well as their job preferences i.e. roles, locations, contract types, salary expectations, and notice periods. Usually this dataset is controlled and managed by centralized recruitment agencies, but on HireVibes, this data is managed by the users.We use “Magic Links” to help people signup and login easilyMessaging portal — Featuring some folks from the EOS community 😉Jobseeker search — Narrow your search by filteringFocusing on these areas for now enables more people to use HireVibes and organize themselves to apply to jobs and, soon, to refer people to jobs — helping both the Jobseeker get closer to finding their next job and the Hirer in finding their next hire. As we’re focusing on the Jobseeker / Referrer initially through our UI, we’re developing an admin panel to support Hirers. This will be a way for Hirers to advertise their job on HireVibes with the help of the HireVibes team.😬🚀 Go to the HireVibes Prototype 😬🚀Smart Contract FeaturesAs mentioned above, HireVibes users will interact with the EOS blockchain around stages such as:When a Hirer offers a job to a JobseekerWhen a Jobseeker accepts or rejects a job offerWhen a job is closedWhen a HVT Reward is claimedWhen a donation is madeWe’ve made a separate prototype to demonstrate aspects of our smart contracts, which feature further along in the hiring journey. The video demo below shows; proposing a job offer, rejecting a job offer (to show if a Jobseeker rejects a job offer, and if the Hirer already deposited the service fee, then the fee is refunded and the job offer is closed), accepting a job offer, and “paying” for a successful job ad.https://medium.com/media/d2d788f1fb549d91dc5484a156ce9243/hrefAlso below, is a flow diagram of the steps involved in our smart contract where a Hirer creates a contract to be offered to a Jobseeker who can then accept or reject it.Create and propose a contract >> Accept contract and be rewardedWe need your help againOur prototypes are a great tool to learn more about our target users and how best we can make HireVibes work for them. We want to continue that learning with this version of the prototype. We ask that you play around with this user prototype and let us know about your experience in our Telegram channel or through email: feedback@hirevibes.ioThis way we can act on your feedback promptly and intake your requests. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!Thank youThank you for your support, especially those that have provided feedback so far. We really appreciate it. Also, thanks to the Scatter team who have been active in keeping us updated of their plans and how they can best accommodate us and our users.Next year is already shaping up to be a phenomenal one for the whole HireVibes community based on the plan in place and the potential of the high-profile partnerships we are currently working on.😬🚀 Go to the HireVibes Prototype 😬🚀


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Airdrop Update Part 2 — HVT...

Airdrop Update Part 2 — HVT Distribution UpdateThe HireVibes Token (HVT) Airdrop has been completed and we would like to share the following details:Total targeted airdrop pool: 250,000,000 HVTHVT remaining after airdrop: 110,276,867.7425 HVTThe targeted airdrop pool of 70% of HireVibes Token Supply (~250M HVT) has been distributed to EOS Token Holders and community initiatives. The Airdrop contained some caps and exclusions to ensure higher engagement and better token distribution in the long term.The remaining HVT will be distributed in the following ways:a) Missed accounts balances: 858,286.0694 HVT (2,647 accounts)There were some accounts that were missed on original airdrop on Nov 5th.b) 250 bonus HVT tokens for claimed accounts and missed accountsTotal # missed and claimed accounts: 2647 + 22,163 = 24,810250 HVT per account: 24,810*250 = 6,202,500 HVTThis bonus will be paid out this week.c) 50K daily HVT staking rewards to start in Jan 2019:50,000 HVT daily for 3 months = ~5,000,000 HVTEX. For daily distribution:Alice stakes 1,000 HVTAll users stake 1,000,000Alice receives = (1,000 / 1,000,000)*50,000 = 50 HVTd) Bug Bounties + Promotional Campaign (dapp sign-ups & referrals): 10,000,000 HVTe) Partnership Fund (~88,000,000 HVT, see calculation below)The rest of the remaining HVT will be distributed to our partnership fund, to be used for exchange listings, and other partnerships crucial to the development of HireVibes’ ecosystem.Figures from a-e110,276,867.7425 — 858,286.0694 — 6,202,500 — 5,000,000 — 10,000,000 = 88,216,081.6731 HVTWe would like to thank the whole HireVibes community, and we look forward to the launch and early adoption of the HireVibes platform. Visit our website here hirevibes.io and connect with us by sending us an email at hello@hiresvibes.io. Also, for questions, please join our chat group here: t.me/hirevibes_dapp.


18. 12. 05

Airdrop Update — HVT for Ev...

Airdrop Update — HVT for Everyone!The HireVibes team is happy to announce that as of Monday December 3rd, we will officially claim HVT for all unclaimed accounts. The 2nd “claim invitation” period is no longer necessary, and you will no longer be able to claim after Monday December 3rd as the HV team will claim for you. This means EOS account holders that have not yet claimed their HVT from the airdrop will be able to keep their HVT without having to claim themselves!As a bonus to all accounts that did claim HVT by Monday December 3rd at 1300 UTC, as well as accounts which were missed on the airdrop, HireVibes will give an extra % of HVT to those accounts. The exact bonus % will be announced, and the delivery of tokens will happen by Wednesday December 5th.We are doing this because we listened to the needs our community and it also means HVT will be a more widely distributed token, which is essential for a vibrant token economy.While we are appreciative to AirdropsDAC to get a chance to trial a new innovative airdrop method (claim invitations), the HireVibes team will complete the airdrop, and distribute tokens to everyone on the snapshot.For us it is important to have a widely distributed token and a happy engaged community, and we felt these actions needed to be taken to ensure both.HVT distribution update:The max supply of HVT is 350M. There will only ever be 350M HVT tokensOut of the targeted airdrop pool of 250M tokens there will be some HVT that will remain left over, after all accounts have claimed. More details on this will be given by Wednesday December 5th. These left over tokens will be distributed and used in the following ways, which we feel will positively impact the growth of the HireVibes ecosystem:Staking Rewards (IE: You stake HVT and earn value back). More details to come in the following weeks.Bounties for bug finds on our smart contracts and dapp code. Our code will be open source when the beta is released.A small portion to be added to the partnership fund, which will enable the HireVibes ecosystem to grow. These funds are used for getting listed on new exchanges, and raising capital, etc. More details on this will be given by Wednesday December 5th.We would like to say thank you to the HireVibes community for being awesome and, with the holiday season coming we wish you a safe, and happy time with your family and friends!Remember to check our website at hirevibes.io, and view the User prototype. We are working hard on the next release of HireVibes as we prepare for the Dapp going live with real job openings in early 2019.


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HireVibes Airdrop and User ...

We are happy to announce the release of our token, HVT, and our first user prototype. Our airdrop also begins today, see our earlier post on the airdrop for details on how to claim tokens. These are two milestones that we are proud to have reached and are excited to share with you.Claim your HireVibes Tokens 😬HireVibes Airdrop Details — 1st Claim Invitation starts on Nov 5th 2018Here’s everything you need to know about our user prototype release …User Prototype ApproachWith a technical prototype to come in the future, right now we’re focused on making sure we’re building the right thing, and building it right. Usability and good design are important for decentralized apps to get right for mass adoption to really happen. And this is something we want to bring to EOS with HireVibes, a Dapp that anyone can use easily.Go to the HireVibes User Prototype 😬🚀This prototype is key for us to learn from. Do people understand HireVibes? Can they use the Dapp easily? What can we do better? We want to learn as much as we can from this prototype and feed that into the next iteration. And we’d love your help with this. We invite you to explore the prototype and let us know what you think in our Telegram channel or email us at: feedback@hirevibes.ioUser Prototype FeaturesTo start with, we’re focusing on what’s core to HireVibes with this prototype: 1) getting hired for a job and 2) donating to a good cause. Please note the jobs and charity data in our prototype are for demonstration purposes only.Our user prototype features include:Signup and LoginSignup involves connecting Scatter which will authenticate with the EOS network. This means, users will need to setup Scatter to use HireVibes. We know Scatter is new to many, so we’re here for any questions you have.If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have an EOS account or Scatter setup you’ll need to: 1) Setup Scatter 2) Generate or import key pairs 3) Create EOS account 4) Link EOS accountFor a deeper dive on setting up Scatter and creating an EOS account we recommend this guide by EOS Go to get started:EOS BEGINNERS: Anatomy of an EOS AccountOnboardingOnboarding involves adding basic information of who you are to your HireVibes profile and any job preferences, later you’ll see the jobs that are important to you.JobsJob ads disclose the details of the employer as well as the minimum salary, the HVT reward (4% of the job’s pay) you could earn on successfully being hired, as well as the donation reward (1% of the job’s pay) you could earn to contribute to a good cause.Each job ad describes the role in detail, and we highlight data on how many people have viewed the job ad and applied. This is where you can apply for the job (again, please note the jobs advertised in our user prototype are for demonstration purposes).In a future version of HireVibes, you will be able to refer someone to the job. If the candidate you referred is hired, you’ll earn 2% of the job’s pay while another 2% goes to the successful candidate, and 1% goes to them to donate to a good cause.DonationsA grid of qualified charities for you to view details of and donate to. In the future, you’ll receive a notification of how your donation was allocated. Check out our FAQ page for more information.WalletA view for you to see the HireVibes transactions you received and, later on, transactions you sent. An example of one of these transactions could be a HVT token reward for being hired successfully.Jobs view — prototype.hirevibes.io/jobsDonations view — prototype.hirevibes.io/donateWe Need Your HelpThe primary goal for us with this prototype is to learn — to learn if people understand HireVibes, if they can use the Dapp easily, and what we can do to make it a great experience. This will guide our product roadmap and impact the next version of our prototype. We’ll continue this cycle of iterations until we’ve delivered a truly useful and usable Dapp on EOS.This is where we need your help! We ask that you play around with this user prototype and let us know about your experience in our Telegram channel or through email: feedback@hirevibes.ioThis way we can act on your feedback promptly and intake your requests. We’re excited to hear your thoughts, and give thanks to the EOS and HireVibes community for your support. We really appreciate it.Go to the HireVibes User Prototype 😬🚀


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HireVibes Airdrop Details —...

HireVibes Airdrop Details — 1st Claim Invitation Starts on Nov 5th 2018Chinese and Korean translations of this announcement are available below the English version.We (HireVibes Development Ltd) are initiating an Airdrop and claim invitation to EOS token holders with 1 EOS or more in their account on the snapshot date of November 4th 2018 @ 00:00–02:00 UTC, at a 1:4 ratio. This means, for example, as a holder of 100 EOS you’ll be able to claim 25 HVT.By holding HireVibes tokens, one of the benefits you will receive for staking your HVT tokens is that you will automatically receive a share in the 50% daily surplus tokens gained from hiring fees — more details to be released soon. Stay tuned on our website, Telegram, and Twitter for more news.For now, here are the Airdrop details.Full Airdrop Details:Date of Snapshot: November 4th 2018 @ 00:00–02:00 UTC (EOS NY Snap — https://www.eossnapshots.io/)Date of Airdrop: November 5th 2018 @ 01:00 UTCAirdrop Ratio: 1 HVT : 4 EOSHVT Supply: 250 million HireVibes tokens (HVT) will be included in the Airdrop out of 350 million total (or max) supplyClaim Invitation Periods*: 1) Nov 5th 2018 @ 01:00 UTC to Dec 5th 2018 @ 01:00 UTC2) Dec 19th 2018 @ 01:00 UTC to Jan 2nd 2019 @ 01:00 UTC*Only during the claim invitation periods you will be able to secure your HVT.You must 1) claim or 2) transfer your HVT during these periods to secure your HVT.To qualify for the Airdrop:Users must have a registered EOS account and have at least 1 EOS in it.(eg. An account with 1 EOS will receive 0.25 HVT)There will be a limit on large token holders (exchanges), see more details below.Process of claiming HVT during the Airdrop:Simply perform one of these two methods: 1) transfer or 2) claim any amount of HVT using any of the following tools: Hirevibes.io website or EOSToolkit. https://eostoolkit.io/After Dec 5th the next claim invitation will be 15 days after the original 30 day window has ended.All accounts that missed the first claim invitation, those who didn’t claim their HVT, the exchanges that wish to support HVT, will be a part of the 2nd claim invitation period (The confirm period for the 2nd claim invitation runs from Dec 5th 2018 @ 02:00 UTC to Dec 18th 2018 @ 12:00 UTC — After this period you will not be included) at the same ratio of 1 HVT: 4 EOS.Limiting Accounts with over 1 million EOSLimitations will be placed on all EOS accounts with over 1 million EOS that *Are Not* clearly identifiable as exchanges to 250K HVTFor EOS accounts with over 1 million EOS that *we know to be exchanges*; they will be excluded from the airdrop until they confirm support of HVT for their users.If you are a large token holder exchange please reach to us @ hello@hirevibes.io to let us know whether you would like to be given the airdrop claim invitation.If we happen to airdrop a limited 250K HVT to an EOS account with over 1 million EOS that we didn’t know was an exchange, and if that exchange won’t support the airdrop, then these tokens will be *Skyhooked* (tokens reclaimed) back from these exchanges.Condition for exchanges:Each exchange that will support the HVT airdrop must provide their own RAMAdditional / Considerations:We will exclude EOS Mainnet system accounts (IE: eosio.saving, Network funds etc).For all those who miss the 2nd claim invitation which ends on Jan 2nd 2019 @ 01:00 UTC, the HireVibes team will consider introducing another claim invitation period at a point in the future based on demand and token supply.Join our Telegram https://t.me/hirevibes_dapp to keep updated.Visit our website here: Hirevibes.io, and email us any questions or concerns here: hello@hirevibes.ioHireVibes空投详情 — — 首轮认购邀请将于2018年11月5日启动我们(HireVibes Development Ltd)正在启动一场空投,并将于2018年11月5日以1:4的比例向账户中至少拥有1EOS的EOS代币持有者发出邀请。这意味着,作为100 EOS的持有者,您将能够认购25 HVT。通过持有HireVibes代币,您将获得的持有HVT代币的众多好处之一就是您将自动获得部分的每日盈余代币,即50%的雇佣费用 — — 更多细节即将发布。请继续关注我们的网站,Telegram和Twitter,了解更多新闻。目前,完整的空投详情如下:简况介绍日期:2018年11月5日 @ 00:00–02:00 UTC (EOS NY 简介 — https://www.eossnapshots.io/)空投日期:2018年11月5日 @1:00 UTC空投比率:1 HVT:4 EOS空投HVT总供给:3.5亿总(或最大)供给中的2.5亿HireVibes代币(HVT)认购邀请期*:1)2018年11月5日 @01:00 UTC至2018年12月5日 @01:00 UTC。2)2018年12月19日 @01:00 UTC至2019年1月2日 @01:00 UTC。*仅在认购邀请期间内,您才能够保护您的HVT。您必须在这些期间内1)认购 或2)转账您的HVT来保护您的HVT获得空投资格:用户必须拥有一个已注册的EOS帐户并且其中至少有1个EOS。(例如,拥有1个EOS的账户将获得0.25 HVT)大型的代币持有者(交易所)将受到限制,详见下文。空投期间认购HVT的流程:只需要执行一下两种方法中的一种:使用下列工具中任何一种来1)转账 or 2)认购任何数量的HVT:Hirevibes.io网站或EOSToolkit. https://eostoolkit.io/在12月5日之后,下一轮认购邀请将在最初的三十天的窗口结束后的15天之后开始。所有错过首轮认购邀请的账户,即那些未进行认购HVT的账户或希望支持HVT的交易所,将在第二轮认购邀请期(2018年12月19日 @01:00 UTC至2019年1月2日 @01:00 UTC)以同样的比率(1HVT:4EOS)进行认购。拥有超过100万EOS的限制账户:所有拥有超过100万EOS、却*没有*被清晰地识别为交易所的EOS账户将受到最多认购25万 HVT限制。那些*我们认定为交易所*的拥有超过100万EOS的EOS账户将不会参与空投,直到他们为他们的用户确认支持HVT。如果您是一个大型的代币持有者交易所,请联系我们@ hello@hirevibes.io,告知我们您是否愿意收到空投认购邀请。如果我们碰巧空投了有限的25万HVT到一个拥有超过100万EOS的EOS账户,而我们并不知道该账户为交易所,并且如果该交易所不支持空投,那么这些代币将从这些交易所*被召回*。交易所条件:每个支持HVT空投的交易所都必须提供自己的RAM。附加/考虑事项:我们将排除EOS主网系统账户(例如:eosio.saving, Networking funds等)。对于所有错过2019年1月2日截止的第二次认购邀请的人,HireVibes团队将考虑根据需求和代币供给在未来另寻时间进行另一轮申请邀请。加入我们的Telegram https://t.me/hirevibes_dapp了解最新资讯。访问我们的网站:Hirevibes.io,并发送电子邮件至hello@hirevibes.io告诉我们您的问题和想法。하이어바이브즈 (HireVibes) 에어드랍 세부 사항 — 첫 번째 선착순 초대권 클레임 이벤트가 2018년 11월 5일에 시작됩니다저희 (하이어바이브즈 유한 책임개발) 에서 2018년 11월 5일 00:00–02:00 UTC, 1 EOS 이상을 계좌에 보유하고 계신 EOS 토큰 보유자 분들에게 1:4의 비율로 선착순 초대권 및 에어드랍 행사를 개최합니다. 이는, 예를 들어, 100 EOS를 소유하고 계신 분들은 25 HVT까지 얻으실 수 있다는 뜻입니다.하이어바이트 토큰을 가짐으로써, HVT토큰의 지분을 가지고 있음으로 받을 수 있는 많은 혜택 중 하나는 고용 요금에서 얻어지는 50% 데일리 흑자 토큰의 지분을 자동으로 받는다는 것입니다 — 자세한 사항은 곧 발표됩니다. 좀 더 많은 뉴스를 보고싶으시다면 저희 웹사이트, 텔레그램, 그리고 트위터를 참고해주세요. 아래는 에어드랍의 세부 사항입니다.에어드랍 세부 사항:•스냅샷 날짜: 2018년 11월 4일 00:00–02:00 UTC (EOS 뉴욕 스냅 — https://www.eossnapshots.io/) •에어드랍 날짜: 2018년 11월 5일 01:00 UTC •에어드랍 비율: 1 HVT: 4 EOS •에어드랍 되는HVT 물량: 총 (또는 최대)350,000,000 중 250,000,000 하이어바이브 토큰 (HVT) •초대권 클레임 기간*: 1) 2018년 11월 5일01:00 UTC 부터 2018년 12월 5일 01:00 UTC • 2) 2018년 12월 19일 01:00 UTC부터 2019년 1월 2일 01:00 UTC*초대 클레임 기간 동안에만 HVT를 확보하실 수 있습니다.HVT를 확보하시기 위해서는 반드시 이 기간 내에 1)클레임 또는 2)양도/전이하셔야 합니다.에어드랍 자격:•사용자 분들께선 반드시 등록된 EOS 계정을 보유하시고 계정 안에 1 EOS 이상을 보유하셔야합니다. (예: 1 EOS를 소유중인 계정은 0.25 HVT를 받습니다.) •대용량 토큰을 보유하고 계신 분들 (거래소)에겐 한도가 주어집니다, 자세한 사항은 밑을 참고해주세요.에어드랍 중 HVT를 청구하는 과정: • 간단하게 이 두 가지 방법 중 하나를 시행하세요: 다음 중 하나를 통해 HVT를 1) 양도/전의 또는 2) 청구하세요: Hirevibes.io 웹사이트 또는 EOS툴킷 https://eostoolkit.io/ 12월 5일 이후, 다음 초대권 클레임은 고유 30일 윈도로부터 15일 후입니다. • 첫 번째 초대 클레임을 놓친 분들, HVT를 청구하지 않은 분들, 그리고 HVT를 서포트 해주시려는 거래소들은 같은 1 HVT: 4 EOS의 비율로 두 번째 초대권 클레임 기간에 포함될 것입니다. (2018년 12월 19일 01:00 UTC부터 2019년 1월 2일 01:00 UTC)100만 EOS이상 계정에게 주어지는 한도 • 명시적으로 25만 HVT이상의 거래소로 *감별되지 않는* 100만 EOS 이상을 보유하고 있는 계정에겐 한도가 주어집니다. • *거래소로 감별되는* 100만 EOS 이상을 보유하고 있는 계정들은 사용자들에게 HVT 지원을 확인해주지 않는 이상 에어드랍에서 제외됩니다. • 만약 대용량의 토큰을 보유하고 계신 거래소 분이시라면 hello@hirevibes.io로 에어드랍 클레임 초청을 받으실지 받지 않으실지 연락을 해주시길 바랍니다. • 만약 100만 EOS이상을 보유하고 있는 계좌이며 거래소로 감별되지 않은 계정에 한정된 25만 HVT 가 에어드랍 되고, 그 거래소가 에어드랍을 지원하지 않는다면, 그 토큰들은 해당 거래소로부터 다시 *스카이 훅*될것입니다.거래소 조건: • HVT 에어드랍을 지원하시는 각 거래소들은 반드시 각 램을 제출해 주셔야 합니다.기타/고려 사항: • EOS 메인넷 시스템 계정들은 제외됩니다 (예: eosio.saving, 네트워크 펀드 등등) • 2019년 1월 2일에 끝나는 두 번째 초청 클레임을 놓치시는 모든 분들께는 하이어바이브즈 팀에서 토큰 공급 및 수요에 따라 추후 초청 클레임 기간을 소개하도록 고려하겠습니다. •저희 텔레그램 https://t.me/hirevibes_dapp에 가입하셔서 최신 정보를 업데이트 받으세요. •저희 웹사이트 Hirevibes.io에 방문해주시고, 질문이나 기타 사항이 있으시다면 hello@hirevibes.com으로 이메일을 보내주세요.


18. 10. 22

HireVibes Joins the Bancor ...

HireVibes, a new crowd-sourcing Jobs DAPP being built on EOS is today announcing it will adopt the Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for the HireVibes platform. We will release the exact details at a later point in time of how many HVT tokens we will activate in the Bancor Network. By integrating the Bancor Protocol, HVT token holders will gain access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings, through the Bancor Network. Here is a list of tokens/projects already on the Bancor Network.Earlier this week, in a Roadmap Update post, the team developing HireVibes DAPP communicated that the HireVibe Token (HVT) Airdrop date has been moved out by a couple of weeks to mid Q4 in order to bring partnership and network opportunities to fruition. Well, integrating the Bancor Protocol into HireVibes DAPP is a great start and a sign of things to come.About HireVibesHireVibes aims to be the global decentralised marketplace for talent and service providers and in doing so, it will provide strong competition to the global centralised recruitment agency marketplace which today, has a market cap of over $450 billion USD annually.HireVibes turns the traditional recruitment agency model on its head. To source suitable candidates, Typically an agency charges a 15% — 25% fee or margin to employers based on the salary or rate of the job being hired for. HireVibes DAPP on the other hand will incentivise the public crowd to source the best candidates by offering a 5% reward in HireVibes tokens. HireVibes Dapp will change a 7.5% fee to employers and redistribute 5% back with the successful candidate in HVT. The 5% reward includes a fixed 1% portion to donate to qualified charities and if the successful candidate was referred, then the 4% HVT reward is split between the successful jobseeker and referrer, so everybody wins — including the environment!About BancorBancor is the world’s largest decentralized liquidity network. Bancor functions similar to a decentralized exchange, with a key difference: orders are processed against automated smart contracts on the blockchain, instead of matching two parties in a trade. Any project can easily integrate their token by creating a Relay on the Bancor Network to automate fair and efficient token conversions for users, directly from their wallets. Tokens on Bancor are instantly convertible for one another, with 8000+ trading pairs across ETH, DAI, BNB & more. Bancor technologies impact organizations and people across the globe, from blockchain teams to token holders to real-world communities in Africa, Asia and beyond. Visit the Bancor Web App to convert tokens instantly, list your token on the Bancor Network or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.


18. 10. 03

Roadmap update

Welcome to HireVibes updated Roadmap. We’ve been busy building and we’re especially excited about what this next three and a half months will bring.Our updated roadmap has been setup and it features lots of cool content, updates and releases to look forward to in Q4 2018.In our last update post we shared the update of the HireVibes Partnership fund that’s been created to assist our development efforts. This has thankfully opened up many new opportunities. In order to capitalise on these opportunities means the HireVibes Token Airdrop and Prototype release have been slightly pushed back — but only by a couple of weeks.As a team we’ve made great strides in the last 9 months. With resources incoming from new Partnership’s (which will be announced very soon); we’re excited to be able to deliver the high quality Jobs DAPP on the EOS blockchain that we’re aiming for.Roadmap Details:Late Q3: New web design releaseWith multi-language supportEarly Q4: User Prototype releaseFull feature list will be announced prior to releasingEarly Q4: HireVibes DAC Constitution and Lightpaper releaseThe HireVibes Lightpaper will be a resource for non-technical readersEarly Q4: New partnership announcementsAirdrop partnerships announcementStrategic partnership announcementsCharity partnership announcementsMid Q4: HireVibes Token AirdropExact Airdrop date to be announced with 2 weeks noticeAirdrop Ratio details, snapshot date etc to be announced with 2 weeks noticeMid Q4: HireVibes Token Exchange ListingWe’re currently working with multiple Exchanges for listing HVTLate Q4: Technical Prototype ReleaseSmart Contract functionality added to User PrototypeEarly Q1 2019: EOS DevConHireVibes is a virtual sponsor of EOS DevCon — FloridaMid Q1 2019: Public Beta Release of HireVibes DAPPLive jobs openings; Permanent and Contract jobsMid Q2 2019: Full release of HireVibes DAPPLive jobs openings; Freelance, Permanent and Contract jobsAs for this week, the HireVibes team will be at the EOS Hackathon — London where we look forward to meeting, speaking with and learning from the vibrant EOS community.More updates and exciting announcements coming soon so stay tuned.Thank you for taking the time to read. We would love to know your thoughts! Comment below, or join us on Twitter or Telegram. Cheers!


18. 09. 17

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